Why your organization needs a business continuity plan

The increasing amount of breaches, the globalization of supply chains, and greater dependence on technology all increase the likelihood of business interruption. This makes contingency planning more essential than ever..

Consider these findings on disruptive events:

31% of organizations reported revenue losses between $10,000 to $100,000 and data loss due to outages

A data breach results in eight hours of downtime for 40% of small businesses

Losses from data breaches cost $3.92 million, on average

Natural disasters can cause massive damage to public and private infrastructure, resulting in days of downtime.

Why data backup is not enough to ensure business continuity

Backing up critical business data is an essential safety measure against system outages, natural calamities, data breaches, and ransomware. But is data backup really enough to secure digital assets against those eventualities?

Why you need more than data backup
Data backup is an automated process of making updated copies of files from your business’s network and servers and storing them in an off-site or cloud-based data center.

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