We found NetQuest through a referral from our telephone vendor. "We were looking to take advantage of new technology at the time. "We wanted to set up a network, and use T1 lines for both voice and data, which at that time was untried." "Through my dealings with NetQuest I became a lot more comfortable with the concept, and I saw how it could make us more efficient, and save us some money as well." When the time came to move into a new medical office after 35 years in one location, NetQuest took charge of the network transition. "We didn't have any downtime from a computer or telecommunications standpoint." "We had complete confidence in NetQuest and they really served us well." NetQuest works closely with each client to act as their business partner. "I come in with some ideas, or they will come to us with some recommendations, as they did with web-based spam filtering software. It proved not only more effective but more economical as well. Plus, as a medical office, we've had discussions with them about the nature of some of the work that we do, to make sure the data is always kept safe and secure." "If you're looking for a company that will provide comprehensive service and will give you peace of mind, NetQuest is that company."

Advanced Centers for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

With the opening of a new office it seemed like the right time to find a new IT support company. “We interviewed other companies and decided to go with NetQuest. Their service and their value helped to sway our decision plus they seemed more advanced than the other companies we interviewed. We wanted to be able to keep up with the way technology grows, and had to make sure our vendor was able to support that.” Netquest listened to the Center’s needs which included upgrading the servers. “NetQuest advised us to plan ahead for future growth…..everything is running perfectly, and we don’t have any issues or any need to call them back for further expansion. All because they thought ahead of the game.” Later we decided to change line of business software vendors. “This was a big project; it took us a year to implement, but NetQuest was with us every step of the way, advising us not just on server space but every aspect of the project, including the testing of databases, servers, and printers.” “We sent NetQuest home after a couple of days because everything was working right.” Occasional breakdowns are inevitable, but NetQuest always provides a rapid response to any situation. “Whatever the problem or concern, we call NetQuest support and get a call back in a matter of minutes.”

Assistant Administrator
Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center

Business was good for the 75-person law firm specializing in personal injury. The firm felt it was time to make a change and hire a new technology support company. "Since employing NetQuest we have been able to reduce our IT support payments, but we feel we have gained a broader knowledge base." NetQuest’s flat-rate TotalCare plan redefined the law firm’s confidence in their service provider. Including a professionally-staffed help desk to handle all daily issues that users may experience, TotalCare also includes Vendor Management services, freeing staff to focus on the reason they were hired, and round the clock Network Monitoring, to insure immediate response in addressing issues before they affect productivity. "Our old IT company had individuals who were knowledgeable about specific subjects, whereas each of NetQuest’s engineers I have met to date seem to have an all-inclusive knowledge of the functions of our network I feel that we have had an excellent return on investment."

Practice Administrator
Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.

Another medical practice recommended NetQuest, a company that specializes in designing, building, protecting, and supporting IT systems and initiatives. “We interviewed them and the rest is history.” NetQuest designed a network and IT infrastructure. “We have multiple state-of-the-art servers, we run multiple applications……we have remote access for our physicians.” “NetQuest provided us with all the right applications and the best and most efficient ways to run the network.” NetQuest’s dedication to unmatched service was tested when the practice changed locations, requiring a transition from one network to another. They "did a phenomenal job of coordinating the transition they completed both the physical hardware and online installations over one weekend, and we were up and running in the new office on Monday morning. It was awesome." "NetQuest is very unobtrusive when they are here. It’s as if the work they do is almost invisible. They have a way about them that is very understanding of the situation and we’ve never had a question about their integrity." "Their integrity, their customer service and their knowledge base exceeds any expectation that a customer could have."

Medical/Surgical Operations Director
Anne Arundel Gastroenterology Associates