We found NetQuest through a referral from our telephone vendor. "We were looking to take advantage of new technology at the time. "We wanted to set up a network, and use T1 lines for both voice and data, which at that time was untried." "Through my dealings with NetQuest I became a lot more comfortable with the concept, and I saw how it could make us more efficient, and save us some money as well." When the time came to move into a new medical office after 35 years in one location, NetQuest took charge of the network transition. "We didn't have any downtime from a computer or telecommunications standpoint." "We had complete confidence in NetQuest and they really served us well." NetQuest works closely with each client to act as their business partner. "I come in with some ideas, or they will come to us with some recommendations, as they did with web-based spam filtering software. It proved not only more effective but more economical as well. Plus, as a medical office, we've had discussions with them about the nature of some of the work that we do, to make sure the data is always kept safe and secure." "If you're looking for a company that will provide comprehensive service and will give you peace of mind, NetQuest is that company."

Geoff Failla
Advanced Centers for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

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