Business was good for the 75-person law firm specializing in personal injury. The firm felt it was time to make a change and hire a new technology support company. "Since employing NetQuest we have been able to reduce our IT support payments, but we feel we have gained a broader knowledge base." NetQuest’s flat-rate TotalCare plan redefined the law firm’s confidence in their service provider. Including a professionally-staffed help desk to handle all daily issues that users may experience, TotalCare also includes Vendor Management services, freeing staff to focus on the reason they were hired, and round the clock Network Monitoring, to insure immediate response in addressing issues before they affect productivity. "Our old IT company had individuals who were knowledgeable about specific subjects, whereas each of NetQuest’s engineers I have met to date seem to have an all-inclusive knowledge of the functions of our network I feel that we have had an excellent return on investment."

Nancy Garrett
Practice Administrator
Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.

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