Why are hackers targeting healthcare?

For the past decade, the healthcare sector has been using digital records to effectively treat, track, and bill patients. Organizations such as hospitals, labs, pharmacies, drug companies, insurance providers, and outpatient clinics store massive amounts of protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) to improve accessibility and patient care.

This is SharePoint’s value to your law firm

SharePoint is a document management and collaboration platform in Microsoft’s Office 365. It helps users and organizations manage large amounts of data from archives, documents, reports, and other content vital to the processes of an organization.

It can manage content securely, optimize productivity and collaboration, and facilitate a flexible remote working environment.

Common phishing scams and signs

Phishing is a well-known cybercriminal activity that involves the theft of personally identifiable information like login, banking, and credit card details. At the heart of any phishing attempt is a well-designed spoofed email or website, and phishers count on employees being so busy that they easily fall prey to such tactics.

The most common SMB disaster recovery challenges and how to beat them

Disaster recovery plans aren’t just nice things to have — they’re critical for safeguarding the future of your organization, should the worst happen. According to FEMA, some 40% of companies close their doors for good after a natural disaster, and that’s not even taking into consideration the man-made catastrophes that can affect your organization.

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