3 Essential factors when considering an MSP for your cloud migration

3 Essential factors when considering an MSP for your cloud migration

If you’re like many other businesses, you already have a workload running in the cloud. Cloud migration, however, is a big step. Not everyone can do it on their own. There are scenarios when it makes the most sense to move the cloud, such as when:

  • Applications are experiencing increased traffic, while it’s becoming difficult to scale resources on the fly to meet increasing customer demand.
  • Clients require fast application implementation and deployment.
  • Clients want to expand their business geographically, which requires a costly multiregion infrastructure.
  • Your organization’s data storage needs are increasing and it’s difficult to keep up with the cost.
  • Your company needs remote teams to access applications and work via the internet.
  • Your office needs a disaster recovery system, but setting one up for an entire data center could double the cost.
  • Tracking and upgrading underlying server software is becoming more complex and time-consuming.
  • Your organization is seriously considering the cost benefits of a pay-as-you-go model for IT expenditure.

If it’s your organization’s first cloud migration, there are a lot of factors to think over. One is choosing the right managed services provider (MSP) to help make it a success. And even if it isn’t the first time, you should still look for these essential requirements when migrating to the cloud.

They know your specific regulatory compliance needs

It’s imperative to know that regulatory compliance in the cloud varies from compliance for businesses with on-premises data centers. Data in the cloud resides in the cloud provider’s data center, which means it has to travel through the internet to get there. Typically, this may mean traveling through different states, territories, and countries governed by different compliance regulations.

Thus, an MSP that will take care of your data’s cloud migration must completely manage your regulatory compliance in the cloud. Work with an MSP that thoroughly understands the different regulations it has to adhere to. They must also have a track record in compliance for its clients and has accomplished third-party accreditation such as ISO 9001 (quality management systems) and ISO 27001 (information security management systems).

They understand the entire digital transformation process

Cloud migration is just one aspect of the digital transformation that’s reinventing businesses. Technology is changing how we work and how we compete, and MSPs greatly help businesses adapt to different core innovations, such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), automation, machine learning, and IoT, to name a few.

Choose an MSP that can guide you towards a full digital transformation and who can lend their expertise in introducing innovative technologies to your business. Your chosen MSP must also be able to tailor each solution or technology to your IT infrastructure and foresee any integration challenges.

Their SLA meets your standards

Understanding your MSP’s service level agreement (SLA) is crucial in protecting your investment, setting your expectations, and gauging the MSP’s level of commitment. To guarantee that the SLA is right, you have to pay close attention to certain sections.

Go over the performance agreement, a metric used to quantify service levels and define when and how reporting will be done. Take a look at what’s covered in its warranties, such as how long they last and who warranties this or that service and product. Is it the MSP, cloud service provider, or a hardware vendor?

Look for stipulations indicating what procedures will be used for dealing with problems. This is crucial because it defines what problems are reported and addressed, as well as the MSP’s response time. Lastly, make sure that the SLA's stipulations about the client's duties and obligations are clear and reasonable.

Are you ready to choose an MSP that will accelerate your cloud migration? We at Netquest would be happy to help you find out more about compliance, digital transformation, and SLAs. Contact our team of cloud migration experts today.

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