5 Reasons to outsource your IT

5 Reasons to outsource your IT

When an in-house IT team is too expensive for your business, you can always opt to outsource these services.

Businesses now have the option of partnering with an IT support provider — a third-party team of professionals dedicated to managing your network, its users, and all services and devices involved in your operations. According to recent statistics, over 37% of small businesses currently outsource their IT support to improve operational efficiency. This number is nearly doubled among companies of 50 employees or more, with 66% of them currently relying on outsourced services.

Below, we dive into the key reasons to outsource your IT, and how NetQuest’s experts can help.

Keep your tech current and efficient

By outsourcing your IT services, you gain access to a wide pool of industry experts dedicated to providing you with the latest cutting-edge technology and resources. These professionals are responsible for staying up to date on the latest industry trends and developments, ensuring your IT needs are met with only the best solutions.

This relieves your workers of the burden tied to consistently researching and implementing the latest IT measures. Your business gets to save time and increase productivity while staying technologically competitive and relevant. Those working for outsourced IT companies are also typically certified experts of a specialized IT field, having done industry training and holding formal qualifications.

Strengthen your security

According to the University of Maryland, hackers currently attack an average of 2,244 times a day (every 39 seconds), making cybersecurity more vital than ever.

With access to the latest and greatest technology, outsourced IT services can also grant you the best security solutions available, giving you, your workers, and your clients peace of mind. Such expertise is especially crucial among high-risk industries such as healthcare, legal, and finance.

Outsourcing these services to experienced professionals can also help ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations, further securing your company and customer data.

Constant maintenance and support

Having outsourced IT services provides you with 24/7 support, helping you minimize business downtime. You can trust that there’s always a professional on the other end of a phone call or email, ready to assist with inquiries or in times of technical trouble.

These services also often provide regular system monitoring, ensuring bugs or issues are caught before they cause further damage. With your IT systems in the hands of quality support, you and your workers can enjoy seamless, efficient user experiences.

Additionally, these experts are readily available to make repairs and perform disaster recovery in times of natural crisis or cyberattacks.

Reduce costs

A primary benefit to outsourcing IT is the ability to save on both IT and labor costs.

Recruiting and retaining your in-house IT team is often a costly business itself. The best specialists typically demand an annual salary of $80,000 and above, leaving a dent in your company finances. By outsourcing these services, you not only skip the costly (and time-consuming) recruitment process, but you also avoid the high costs of training and maintaining in-house workers and possible worker turnover.

What’s more, by leaving your IT needs in the hands of a third party, you save the financial costs of installing your own IT infrastructure. You also typically only pay for the services and solutions you currently need, with options to scale up or down as your business grows.

Save precious time and energy

Finally, outsourcing your IT support leaves you room to focus on your core areas of business. With an external provider taking care of all your tech-related needs, both you and your workers can then concentrate on improving company functions and bringing products to market. This helps your company remain agile and competitive — a must in today’s fast-paced market and rapidly evolving consumer demands.

Your employees can also focus their time and energy on the areas of business they were trained for and hired to do, improving their productivity and overall performance.

With the right IT support provider, your business can effectively save time and money while remaining technologically agile and competitive. NetQuest offers small- and medium-sized businesses across Maryland with robust IT management and consulting services. Improve your company operations with solutions in cloud computing, cybersecurity, server virtualization, and more. Get in touch with a NetQuest professional today to see how we can meet your needs.

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