Outsourcing IT services is the best business decision you could make

Outsourcing IT services is the best business decision you could make

There are several advantages to managing your own technology. With an in-house IT department, you have full control of your systems and you’re less likely to worry about your data’s security. But today’s small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have more complex technological demands that an in-house IT staff may be unable to handle.

On the other hand, there are advantages to outsourcing technology services that far outweigh keeping your IT strictly in-house. And if your company is highly dependent on technology, you need to learn why outsourcing IT services is the best decision you could make.

High-quality IT staff

One of the best reasons to outsource IT services is to have access to highly skilled technicians. Managed IT services providers (MSPs) have a vast pool of certified IT experts who can handle every conceivable technical problem and meet different clients’ requirements.

For instance, Microsoft Registered Partners like NetQuest offer a wide range of expertise and are better equipped to address clients’ concerns. Regardless of whether your company uses Windows, Apple, or Linux computers, MSPs have certified and experienced technicians who can solve any computer support problems.

Access to the latest technologies

Keeping hardware, software, and other IT components functional and up to date is a full-time responsibility that can overwhelm in-house staff. Allocating an inordinate amount of time and resources to fixing tedious IT issues keeps you from focusing on business-related tasks.

Outsourced technicians can keep your entire IT environment up to date without neglecting other vital tasks, like maintaining operational programs, keeping your network running smoothly, installing security patches on time, and more.

Better cybersecurity

More often than not, in-house technology experts get too preoccupied handling day-to-day issues like fixing malfunctioning computers, troubleshooting causes of network downtime, or installing new software. As a result, cybersecurity is often neglected.

A dependable IT support team can handle all the essential IT tasks your operational staff need and secure your systems at the same time. An MSP can safeguard you against any cyberattack by keeping your firewall software up to date, setting up advanced intrusion prevention systems, and protecting your email accounts from spam, so you don’t suffer from a data breach in the first place.

Disaster recovery strategy

Based on a recent study, 60% of small businesses that lose data shut down in 6 months. Having a backup system in place ensures you don’t become part of that statistic in case of a fire, hurricane, cyberattack, or other disasters. But backing up your data is not enough.

A solid backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy should involve determining what data needs to be prioritized, backing up data on mobile devices, maintaining regulatory compliance, and conducting backup tests. An MSP with years of experience developing BDR strategies for organizations in various industries can effectively develop a plan that suits your needs.

Significant cost savings

Outsourcing IT support doesn’t just reduce costs on hiring and training full-time staff, it also eliminates unexpected expenditures that are incurred as a result of employee turnover and benefits.

Although it helps to have one or two full-time technicians, an outsourced IT partner relieves your staff of time-consuming IT tasks, letting them focus on introducing automation-oriented technologies, customizing work tools, and coming up with innovative technologies that improve operations and boost profitability.

As a small-business owner, you’ll encounter plenty of IT issues you simply don’t have time for. Get in touch with NetQuest’s IT consulting team in Maryland to learn how you can benefit from comprehensive managed IT services.

Still on the fence about outsourced IT services? Our free eBook, 20 Signs That Your Business is Ready for Managed Services, can help you decide.

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