The importance of remote monitoring and management

The importance of remote monitoring and management

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is one of the most critical services and applications offered by a managed services provider (MSP). RMM is a type of software that tracks, monitors, and manages endpoints to improve efficiencies and increase revenues.

An MSP can do two things with RMM: It gathers information from remote endpoints and networks to assess their condition and it performs various remote IT management tasks so your IT staff doesn’t have to. Let us elaborate on that.

24/7 monitoring

With RMM, an MSP can monitor the health and performance of workstations, mobile devices, servers, and even entire networks on a 24/7/365 basis. This includes simple network management protocol (SNMP) devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and printers.

To do so, RMM deploys lightweight software called “agents” to those endpoints. With agents installed, an MSP receives a constant stream of real-time information about those endpoints, providing MSP technicians with insight into every aspect of the client’s infrastructure.

Proactive support

If an issue arises, RMM sends alerts to notify technicians so they can deal with it. This is crucial because issues that remain unaddressed can develop into full-blown problems that can disrupt business operations. In effect, RMM helps MSP clients transition from an expensive break/fix support model to a more cost-effective one that proactively takes care of IT assets and avoids the costs of damage and downtime.

Interruption-free maintenance

Through RMM, MSP technicians can do all kinds of IT support tasks in the background. They can deploy software, run scripts, and remotely connect to machines while end users don’t miss a beat, thereby optimizing IT, troubleshooting, and fixing problems without interrupting productivity.

Automate IT tasks

Through RMM, automated workflows keep your IT infrastructure in tip-top shape without taking your IT staff’s focus from projects that expand the business. A wide variety of IT Tasks can be automated, including patch management for Windows and other third-party applications, script schedules and launches, and ticket creation and responses. You won’t worry about such IT tasks ever again.

Stronger defenses

MSPs implement a range of security solutions that protect businesses from various vulnerabilities and threats, ranging from inbox spam to network intrusions to human error. To that end, they employ RMM to observe and test security systems so that updates, improvements, and gaps can be addressed quickly. RMM improves security solutions so that business users are always protected.

Visibility and control from a central hub

With RMM, even a small MSP can support, secure, and manage hundreds of systems and endpoints, no matter where they are located. You and your MSP have complete visibility over endpoints, even if they are spread across the country or a continent.

And because the software can integrate with other applications such as endpoint security, backup, professional services automation (PSA), and more, the RMM dashboard serves as a central control panel. This dramatically cuts down the number of screens that technicians need to toggle back and forth between.

Report generation

An MSP can use RMM to generate a variety of useful reports, such as network activity, asset inventory, compliance, and the value of IT support.

This helps an organization turn data about its infrastructure into summaries that board members can understand. In turn, this allows decision makers to stay on top of IT and develop a better IT strategy for the business.

IT support should make things easier, not more complicated. With tools like RMM, NetQuest helps businesses accomplish more by simplifying workdays and taking IT woes off their hands. We want nothing but the best for you and your business. Talk to us today. Our offer comes with no strings attached, no excuses, and no sneaky add-on fees.

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