App overload: What it is and how your business can avoid it

App overload: What it is and how your business can avoid it

From managing projects to streamlining operations, there seems to be an app for almost every task imaginable. These applications promise improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and increased efficiency, making them invaluable tools for small businesses.

However, as the number of available apps continues to grow, businesses are now grappling with a new challenge: app overload.

What is app overload and how does it cause problems for businesses?

When you spend an inordinate amount of time switching from one app to another on any of your devices, that’s app overload. App overload can hinder productivity since instead of focusing on their core responsibilities, employees may find themselves spending a lot of time navigating interfaces, logging in and out of different systems, and searching for information scattered across multiple platforms. Each app typically has its own data storage and communication channels, leading to information silos within an organization,

Moreover, app overload can pose security risks for businesses. With each app requiring separate user credentials and potentially different security protocols, managing access rights and ensuring data privacy becomes more complex. And if any of these apps have security vulnerabilities, cybercriminals may exploit these weaknesses to gain unauthorized access to company data.

Tips to prevent app overload

If you don't want your users' productivity to drop because of app overload, follow these tips:

Keep a record of all your apps

Having a record of all the apps your company uses lets you track which ones are useful and which ones are not. Auditing your apps also helps you identify which ones are performing similar functions and delete duplicate apps. Plus, by taking stock of all your paid and free apps, you may save some money by canceling your subscription to paid apps that you no longer use.

For instance, if your company has been using Zoom for video conferencing calls and is no longer using Skype, it may be time to uninstall Skype and other similar apps.

Deleting apps that you have not been using for six months or so doesn’t just free up space on devices, but it also makes it easier to find the ones that you actually need.

Look for feature-rich software

Feature-rich software lets you streamline a variety of work processes that cut down the time you spend on separate apps. As you whittle down the tech tools you use for work, choose feature-rich apps that let you do several things efficiently in a single, easy-to-use platform.

For instance, there are many feature-rich project management apps you can use to consolidate the different aspects of accomplishing a project, from setting timelines through to completion. So instead of using multiple project management software with incomplete functionalities, choose one that best fits your business’s needs and has all the features you need to manage projects efficiently.

Integrate your platforms

Application integration tools are crucial to every company’s digital transformation because they rid app silos where apps function on their own to solve individual problems. They integrate capabilities across cloud-based platforms, Software-as-a-Service programs, and on-premises systems. Its greatest benefit is automating processes and simplifying workflows. The challenge for organizations, however, is that there are numerous application integration tools available in the market.

Talk to an IT consultant

The expertise of business IT consultants is invaluable when choosing the right set of apps and designing the appropriate integration platforms that will consolidate all your tools and make your staff’s lives easier. IT consultants are familiar with the cost of apps and can help you determine whether or not it makes business sense to keep legacy apps and/or advise you to invest in automation

There’s no shortage of apps you can download on your phone to make working faster and easier, but having too many of these can severely affect work life. Fortunately, the IT consultants at NetQuest can help you create a technology strategy that accounts for all your business’s unique IT challenges and requirements. Book a FREE IT consultation with us today.

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