How email filtering can help your business

How email filtering can help your business

Businesses can’t thrive without email. It’s an essential tool for most functions and departments, as it makes communication better and working together easier. One of its primary uses is to help a business connect with leads and customers, as well as with partners and co-workers.

More than that, it stores an organization’s critical data and acts as a collaboration platform where information is exchanged. Lastly, it helps employees work more efficiently by helping them schedule their time and priorities.

However, emails can also be a business’s Achilles’ heel. They can slow down employees, mainly because most email platforms and providers aren’t efficient with filtering out piles of unwanted mail or spam. Rather than helping them focus on the job, inboxes become a mess that employees have to clean out in order to work.

To make things worse, spam can turn your organization’s inboxes into dangerous places of malware and scams. For instance, scammers can forge fake bank messages by using brand images from the website of a real bank. Or they can send a message pretending to be your coworker, spouse, best friend, or even your CEO, asking you to access a seemingly harmless site with your account credentials. At times, these emails can be used to run a malicious application, allowing a hacker to gain control of your network.

Spam is a nuisance to productivity and a serious risk to network security that can’t be left to run wild in employee inboxes. Fortunately, email filtering is a tool you can use to help you avoid stress and disaster. Learn more about how it can help your business.

Declutter your employee inboxes

When inboxes get crowded with spam or unwanted messages, important emails get lost in the pile. Your employees have to deal with the clutter in whatever way they can to find those misplaced emails. This may seem like a small problem, but the wasted minutes pile up and eventually lead to lags in business operations. What’s worse is that important messages may get deleted or thrown out with spam.

Email filtering services can save your employees a lot of time and do the decluttering for them. They do so by automatically highlighting important messages and keeping unwanted messages from even entering your organization’s inboxes.

Minimize distractions to productivity

Business inboxes shouldn’t be distractions. However, social media, promotional emails, and other non-business messages often get mixed up with important business emails. Dozens and even hundreds of these messages are sent to an inbox every day. In fact, they account for half of all global email traffic.

Manually sifting through their inboxes for mail important to businesses will decrease your employees' focus on work, thereby reducing productivity and even affecting your bottom line. Providing a more conducive environment for employees to focus is a key challenge of companies. An email filtering service helps by efficiently blocking these messages so they don't cause distractions.

Stop malware in its tracks

Email-delivered malicious software or malware is one of today’s clear and present dangers for businesses. The most infamous of these dangers is ransomware, a malware that hijacks a business’s data, including websites and customer data. Using ransomware, hackers force companies to pay a ransom or risk losing critical data forever. In truth, a paid ransom is really no guarantee that the hijacked data will ever be recovered.

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Hijacked data can be detrimental to a business. An attack of this kind will ruin your organization’s reputation with customers and anyone else who entrusts your company with data. It can also lead to poorly delivered services or crippled operations, as the data you need cannot be accessed. Expect fines if it’s found that noncompliance with regulations contributed to your organization’s vulnerability.

The most effective means to address emails carrying malware is to prevent them from entering your organization’s inboxes. An effective email filtering service acts as a perimeter guard that scans emails for malicious code before they can enter an inbox, blocking them if found suspicious.

Is your organization prepared to deal with the inefficiencies and dangers of unfiltered inboxes? Contact Netquest. We can decrease the stress and potential harm of distracting and destructive spam. With our email protection solution, we’ll help your company create custom and secure filtering so that only the messages vital to your business come through.

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